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I am Starsoldier2009. I have been member of this community for nearly two years and have decided it is time for a special post. When I first joined the community, it was scarcely populated with not many members and it was during the ending of GoGo! Now, there are a myriad of members in the community who all share one thing: a love for PreCure! Let's remember this love, shall we?

A recent thread involving a member requesting information about a song from the HeartCatch OST 2 began as a simple request and led to a large argument and outburst from several members. The solution to the problem came from a member I highly respect in this community: Rakuem. Rakuem, you ARE the source of PreCure music around the world! I appreciate it so much that you upload music for us, even if it's two tracks (like the MOVIE OST and OST 2 this year). Those two tracks are enough to hold me off until someone else uploads the albums of you do at a later date. I've even purchased two OST's myself! :) I respect you for doing something so charitable for our community here and would like to thank you for being so patient and putting up with so many requests.

That leads me to the main point of my post: Respect. There are a number of frequent posters in this community (i.e. Ichikyo, Rakuem, Cnove, Cyanfox, etc.) and I respect every single one of these members. We (those of us who aren't as active or even newer members) should take a moment to thank other members for posting news, spoilers, graphics, music, videos, episode titles, translations, links to Subs, raws, etc. Everything that is posted that relates to current PreCure media of any kind! Those posters are the ones who deserve to be praised. it's a new year, so let's not start it off arguing like one thread has shown so far.

In conclusion, to the users I mentioned and the others I have not mentioned, THANK YOU! Thank you for making this community live with your contributions! Without your music, pictures, videos, spoilers, etc., this community wouldn't thrie like it does! I respect each and every one of you for continuing to contribute despite the antics that are done on here with whining and begging. :) Thank you again!

Happy New Year everyone! <3
Behold, the first PreCure fan series based on boys' love! Yes, I am a shonen-ai fan, so I warn any one who is against such acts of love, do not read my fanfic. Here I am going to give the run-down on the two main characters, the guardians, and the enemy. I have already written the beginning of chapter 1 of 14. so here are the character bios, soon to be followed by pictures. ^_^ I just need to fix my scanner. lol

Pretty Cure: Lovely SkiesCollapse )

Pretty Cure: Soldier Chronicles...

Welcome! This is the first episode to my new fanfic series, Pretty Cure: Soldier Chronicles! I hope you enjoy this story and please feel free to leave any comments or hopes you have for future episodes! =) Thank you and enjoy!
The fanfic begin hereCollapse )